Forced to Sit on the Side

The baseball games that my family plays at the local park are no joke. Everyone is competing as if they are on a major league baseball team, trying to hit home runs all over the place and pitch like they’ve got cannons for arms. I can’t even consider myself above all of this, because I can get into the game pretty hard when I’m on the pitcher’s mound. Recently I was pitching one of the best games of my life, and I pulled a muscle in my back, resulting in me needed a chiropractor in Redding. It was quite the shame because my team was winning and I was on the verge of pitching a complete no hitter.

As my family took me to the chiropractor, all I could talk about was how I was winning the game and requesting that they take me back to the pitcher’s mound so I could finish it. They thought I had lost my mind from sitting in the heat for too long. The injury to my back meant that I wouldn’t be playing in any baseball games for quite a while, putting me on the sidelines. I hate sitting on the sideline at a sports game, because I always want to jump in and start playing.

The team was playing well enough without me on the pitcher’s mound, but they weren’t able to get a near perfect no hitter like I was. Still, I was proud of them for what they were able to do. Given how everyone else plays in the games, I’m surprised no one else has been injured. I figured someone would have gotten hit with the baseball by now given how fast it flies in the park when we play, but I guess everyone else it just more careful than me.