Getting a Frightened Child Comfortable with Going to the Dentist

Our little girl was terrified of the dentist. I don’t know why. We have tried several dental offices, and she is scared at every one. We started asking other parents about the best dentists in Denver, and we found one that is working out very well for us. They go out of their way to make scared patients less afraid. There is no perfect fix for every person who is afraid to go to the dentist. I know someone who has to take a sedative before going in for any procedure other than an exam and cleaning. Our little girl just cries and cries and it makes it hard for the dentist to do an examination. Then they sometimes get frustrated. Not anymore. We found a dentist that is very patient with scared patients.

The dentist told us that some positive experiences help change the way a scared patient experiences dental appointments. We were advised to bring her in when she did not need any work done. The first visit made her nervous, but it was purposely done to not cause any discomfort or unneeded stress. The point is that you can always come back a few times and build up confidence over time. Each positive visit takes away fear and anxiety. Slowly you can begin to get some work done. The scared patient feels in control and then can end up putting up with a lot of procedural work after the confidence is built up.

This worked very well with our little girl. She was finally able to get her braces. She even looked forward to going to see her dentist now. She was a bit nervous the first couple of minutes sitting in the chair, but she got comfortable quickly when she saw familiar faces. The only time she had any anxiety now was when a new assistant would be helping out, but she was fine once she got used to the person.