How Getting a Teenagers Smile Fixed Changed Her Outlook

My wife and I adopted a daughter. She had it rough in her formative years. She was blossoming like a beautiful flower now that she was our daughter. I would get sad and happy at the same time when she would say how no one wanted her but we did. She was crying one day and it took a while to figure out the cause. It was her teeth. She wanted a smile like the other girls have at school. That was easy. Over summer vacation we had her visit a Denver cosmetic dentist to get her teeth to be the best they could be. Poor dietary habits bordering on malnutrition caused damage to her teeth before we adopted her. She did not need braces, but she did need some other work.

The Denver cosmetic dentist we took her too was surprised at how straight and even her smile and bite was. He said that if she did not have the damage done to her teeth over the years, she would have what people would call a perfect smile. A dentist knows what even bad teeth would be naturally shaped like if they were fully intact. She had a perfect shape to her teeth too. I have always felt like I had horse teeth. I have big front teeth, and I feel they look a bit odd. My wife has small teeth. Our daughter actually had a great infrastructure to her smile, and now was her opportunity to get it fixed.

By the time she returned to school, her smile was stunning. She started exercising before school was out, and she started eating better. No more sneaking snacks and putting on weight. She lost the weight she wanted to lose, and she put on a few pounds of muscle. We were very impressed with her drive at reaching personal goals. A shopping trip before school started and her first semester at a new school gave her a whole new outlook. She came home and said something profound to us. She told us how she started out doing all these changes to impress the kids in school that made fun of her. Now she says she learned that she did it for herself, and that their comments do not matter at all whether they are approving or disapproving.