I Finally Finished the Car

I had been fixing up this car for a long time, doing as much as I could when time and money allowed. Of course I had to get the engine rebuilt by someone who knew how to do that. It was a Peoria chiropractor who recommended that guy. When I went there about three months ago I had some lingering back pain, from working on the farm probably. At any rate he had an old Ford Sunliner and I asked him about it. He told me that it was not a real Sunliner, but someone had cut the top off a similar old Ford. He told me that the engine in it had blown up before he bought it and that he had replaced it with a 302 cubic inch engine that he had gotten rebuilt. He fixed my back up and gave me the card for the guy that did the work for him on the engine.

The car is a 1970 Mercury Cougar XR, which is a really nice looking car. When I bought it the car was white with a black stripe and a black spoiler on the lid of the trunk. The 351 Windsor in it was blown up. I was looking to see if I could get a 351 Cleveland, which is a superior engine. However that did not really seem to be that great of a thing in a practical sense. The problem seems to be finding one that is going to fit in the area around the transmission. At any rate the smart thing seemed to be to put the same engine that came in it back where it started, but I wanted to get a stronger one than it was. So I got him to beef it up so that it was going to last longer.