I Have Been Having Great Fortune

I really have been on a great streak of lucky lately and very little of it has to do with work, although that has been going quite well too. However I really do not have to go in the office more than a couple of times per month lately. So long as I get stuff done they do not care about seeing me. This is the website of the place where I live, and I picked the place because it had a business center that met all of my needs. Of course I do nearly all of the work in my apartment and I just go down there when I have to do something. I noticed that there was another person who seemed to be in the same thing as I was. I would see her in the business center, some of the time one of us would need to wait for the other to finish something. Of course she is attractive and so I introduced myself as more than just friendliness. I really was astonished to learn that she and I had an easy way to do business with one another. Her company needed my services and the same was true in the opposite way, so we started a little partnership.

Of course so long as I do what the company needs, then they do not care if I do other stuff and the truth is that their work is not really a huge burden on my time and exertions. So the two of us started a little consortium, but it is more than that already. In fact it is probably a long term relationship from the looks of it. We have started to look for a bigger place inside the complex, so that we have an extra room for work.