I’ve Found the Nicest Community on Earth

Before I move anywhere, I have to make sure that there is a community website for people to interact with each other. Other people think I’m weird for having such a stipulation, but I prefer to get to know the people who are living around me. A community is better when people take a stake in the lives of their neighbors. It makes everyone care about each other more, and want to do everything to keep the community as stable as possible. Since other people don’t feel the same way, I sometimes have to do a lot of looking to find a place to live.

On my most recent move to Las Vegas, I has having difficulty because of my website rule. I was thinking about giving it up, because I was desperate to find a place. While at the end of my search, I found just the website that I was looking for from a community. The website was very active, with people talking about events being planned and ways to make the community better. I made and account and introduced myself as someone who wanted to move into the community. The people on the website were more than happy to tell me more about themselves and the community.

The community members even helped me choose the right apartment for my needs. I thought everything they had done up to that point was pretty nice, but they surprised me even more. When I arrived at the apartment complex, the community members were there, ready to greet me and help me haul my boxes into my apartment. It was so nice that it nearly brought a tear to my eye. They had a welcome gift basket for me full of fruits, pastries, and tea. As soon as I unpacked my tea kettle, I brewed some tea for everyone.