Searching for a New Place to Live Through the Top Denver Realtors

We were living in a neighborhood where there were third and fourth generation residents. We were the newcomers. Things were okay at first, but we felt like we never really fit in. It was like we bought a house and property, but we were still strangers. When we first moved there, we did not have children. Now we have two, and none of our neighbors have children. They are older and retired or approaching retirement. We wanted to be in a different neighborhood, so we searched for the top Denver realtors who could show us better properties in neighborhoods that had kids the same age as ours.

My wife and I grew up playing in the back yards at our homes and at neighbor’s houses. I think it is important for kids to spontaneously play. We had to arrange play dates with our kids and other kids. We wanted a neighborhood where they could just make friends and be normal kids. We also really wanted to be in a better school district as our oldest was now going to be entering first grade after summer vacation was over. Looking at new houses now also came with checking out the neighbors.

When we looked at one four bedroom place, I took time to talk to one of the neighbors who was out planting flowers. He told me that him and his wife have two kids, and there are kids all up and down the block. This place was worth giving a closer look to. Of course we were looking for an upgrade to our home, but we were also looking for an upgrade for our neighbors too. The goal was to have nice neighbors who have nice kids. Our Denver realtor helped us get both. The new school district lined up with our expectations a lot more, and the house was just perfect.