The Apartment is Perfect for the Two of Us

When my friend told me that she had found the perfect place for us to live, I was so happy. She sent me an email link that said that the website is here. I clicked on it, and it took me the site for Country Shores. I had heard of it, but I had never been there. I figured I would just take a quick look at the site, and then we could go and look at it in person if it looked like it might be a good fit for the two of us.

Well, it took me a long time to look at the website because I liked everything that I saw on it. I was able to watch videos of different apartment layouts there, and there was just a wealth of information on the different amenities as well as the pet policy. Since we each have a cat, we definitely needed a place that would allow both of us to bring our cats with us. There is a limit of two cats per apartment there, but we were fine with that because neither one of us wanted to bring a third cat into the equation.

The apartment is two levels. The top level has two bedrooms that are roughly the same size, and it also has a full bathroom in the middle. Each room has a nice sized closet too, so we would not be lacking for space at all in our private rooms. On the first floor, there is a really nice and large living room. It has a bathroom off to one side. Further down the hall is the kitchen and dining room, which opens out onto a patio. We love to grill in the summer months, so this place really is all kinds of perfect for the two of us.