We Went Riding in the Desert

There were a bunch of us out there, but not all of us were completely sober. I was riding my dirt bike and I was having a really great time, but then this guy came up on me on a big four wheeler. It was one of the ones that cost you about as much as the first five cars that I owned. The guy knew that I was in a position to sue his butt I suppose. He tried to act like it was my fault, but there were witnesses. He gave a chiropractor in Beverly Hills card to me and told me to send him the bill. Of course I had this great big bruise on my back, so I was not really sure whether or not it was going to need a chiropractor or some other thing. I knew that it really hurt and when I tried to get out of the bed the next morning, my back was so stiff that I could not hardly move.

In fact the situation did not turn out too badly. There was nothing really wrong with my dirt bike, but of course the thing is so old that there is not a lot that can be done to hurt it. It is not worth putting too much money in and so you can not really tell about all of the scratches on it. This was not the first time that I have wiped out on it, although every other time it was my fault and no one else was involved. I was glad when the pain eventually went away, but the truth is that it could have been a lot worse. There was a big gulch right there and I could have gone down into it with a bit of poor luck.